Heidelberg Materials Agecroft is committed to minimising any adverse impact on the environment from its activities, wherever possible.

We make it our commitment to continuously improve environmental performance as an organisation, staying considerate of the zero-to-landfill directive at all times. With an awareness of the potential impact that our business may have on the environment, we have  set out to improve performance in the following areas:

Preventing pollution of land, air and water from the company’s premises and its activities.
Identifying and managing key risks, ensuring that arrangements are in place to respond to foreseeable environmental incidents and emergencies.

Reviewing the actual and potential impacts of all the company’s activities, including those affecting the local community.

Monitoring compliance, keeping all applicable environmental legislation and other specific requirements to which the company subscribes updated.

Minimising energy consumption by improving energy efficiency in line with business needs and implementing the use of renewable energy sources wherever possible.

Promoting waste minimisation, re-use and recycling and monitoring waste transfer arrangements to ensure compliant disposal.

Ensuring supplies of goods and services to the company to adopt best environmental practices and to procure goods from renewable sources wherever possible.

Demonstrating our responsibility as a good neighbour, by actively supporting environmental initiatives within the local community.

Striving for continuous progressive improvements in environmental performance through the setting of specific objectives and targets and the development of key target indicators.

Promote a culture of environmental awareness throughout the company, by involving employees in environmental programmes and providing training where necessary.

If you have any questions regarding our environmental policy, please telephone us on  0161 736 2020 or email us. 

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